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1983 IFBB European Championships

1983 IFBB European Championships (Download)

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A-0161  Digital Download  Duration:  125 mins  Sample Clip

Fabulous Classic Contest from 1983.  Held in Malmo, Sweden, see all of the FINALISTS both men and women in this all time classic DVD.

Product Description

1983 IFBB European Championships

The physiques in this high quality European contest were sensational. Includes all of the finalists at the evening show.

Held in Malmo, Sweden, see all of the FINALISTS both men and women in this all time classic DVD. The most well known stars included:
Christer Eriksson, Helmut Riedmeier, Ulf Bengtsson, Ellen van Maris, Robert Dantlinger, Bill Tierney, Anton Holic, Appie Steenbeek, Alois Pek, Angelito Lesta, Inger Zetterquist, Vera Bendel and Astrid Aschwender.

1983 IFBB European Amateur Championships – Men & Women

Malmo, Sweden


1   Christer Eriksson   (Sweden)
2   Manfred Grossler   (Austria)
3   Alois Pek   (Czechoslovakia)
4   Bill Tierney  (UK)
5   Helmut Riedmeier  (Germany)
6   Jan Malmqvist  (Sweden)

1   Angelito Lesta   (UK)
2   Dirk Starke   (West Germany)
3   Arnold Buurman   (Netherlands)
4   Ulf Bengtsson  (Sweden)
5   Josef Peter  (Germany)

1   Anton Holic   (Czechoslovakia)
2   Karl Link   (West Germany)
3   Robert Dantlinger   (Czechoslovakia)
4   Daniel Coussieu  (France)
5   Patrick Pourjeois  (France)

1   Appie Steenbeek   (Netherlands)
2   Reijo Kivioja   (Finland)
3   Tevfik Ulusoglu   (Turkey)
4   Luciano Andreose  (Italy)
5   Conny Uldin  (Sweden)
6   Vicente Segovia  (Spain)


1   Inger Zetterquist   (Sweden)
2   Vera Bendel   (West Germany)
3   Anita Pinnock   (UK)
4   Hildegard Schaeffer   (West Germany)
5   Marlene Fuhrer  (Germany)

1   Astrid Aschwender   (Switzerland)
2   Camilla Palazzi   (Sweden)
3   Christine Laurent   (Belgium)
4   Ellen Van Maris   (Netherlands)
5   Marion Hammang  (Germany)