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1983 Mr. America Teen and Masters Download

1983 NPC Nationals – Teens/Masters & 1983 Expo #4 (Download)

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GMV-050  Digital Download  Duration:  89 mins  Sample Clip

The 1983 Expo 4 was a feast of star guest posers at this wonderful Wally Boyko Extravaganza held at Disneyland, CA.  See these  guest stars: Tim Belknap, Lee Haney, Carla Dunlap, Cory Everson and Kay Baxter.

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1983 NPC Nationals Teens & Masters Championships & the 1983 Expo 4.

1983 NPC Nationals:Teenage & Masters Championships.

Embassy Auditorium, LA, CA. Saturday, August 6, 1983.

PHOTO GALLERY & RESULTS. Colour photos by Wayne Gallasch.

The first part of the video covers the 1983 NPC Nationals:Teenage & Masters Championships highlights. See stars such as Overall winner JAMES DEMELO, Fred Belknap the Middleweight class winner, Vinny Conzo, plus 17 year old Lightweight winner Franco Santoriello. Franco went on to have a very successful IFBB Pro career. The video includes some comparisons plus posing.

In the Masters Division, NORM RAUCH had too much size and condition for the many other outstanding physiques such as James Joseph, Don Knipp, Doug Beaver, Don Peters, Tom Harrington, Tim Sweeney and Monroe Huel. Full RESULTS below.


One week later I filmed the Highlights at the 1983 BODYBUILDING EXPO 4, Disneyland Hotel Convention Centre, Anaheim, CA on August 13-14, 1983.
Expo 4 was a feast of star guest posers at this wonderful Wally Boyko Extravaganza. Wally created and produced the first NPC sanctioned Bodybuilding, Health & Physical Fitness Expo in the United States.

See these guest stars: Tim Belknap, Lee Haney, Carla Dunlap, Cory Everson, Kay Baxter, Mike Dayton, Jeff Everson & Cory in a couples display, Shelley Gruwell, Mike Sable, Mary Roberts, Pillow and Mike Christian. The Expo sections runs approximately 67 mins.

At the Expo there was an NPC Women’s Contest where the Results were as follows:

Lightweight Class:
1. Candis Caldwell
2. Annie Hess
3. Theadora Fox

Middleweight Class:
1. Cory Kneur Everson
2. Elaine Craig
3. Mona Krause

1983 NPC Teens and Masters Nationals

Results – Teens
Overall Winner
: James DeMelo

1  James DeMelo
2  Vinny Conzo
3  Joe Carrero
4  Lionel Langel
5  Leland Cook

1  Fred Belknap
2  Brian Sawyer
3  Mark Bates
4  Jim Beasley
5  Marco Artiano

1  Franco Santoriello
2  Jerry Jose
3  Wayne Hugar
4  Allan Ichinose
5  Brad Kolb

Results – Masters
Overall Winner
: Norm Rauch

1  Norm Rauch
2  David Berman
3  Douglas Beaver
4  Don Peters

1  Tom Harrington
2  Floyd Irons
3  Aram Nersesian

1  Tim Sweeney
2  Carl Renfrow
3  Fred Donaldson

1  Monroe Huel
2  Eddie Ruiz
3  Harry Teegarden