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1984 IFBB Mr. Belgium (Download)

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A-0209A  Digital Download Duration: 122 mins    Sample Clip

A strong lineup of competitors for this classic contest from Belgium.  The quality is consistent with videos filmed in the early 80’s.  Winner of the Mr. Belgium title was Bart Desender.


1984 IFBB Mr Belgium

Guest Poser – Frank Zane

Competitors were:

J.F. Colinet
F. Dewachter
P. Dury
G. Falzone
M. Fuger
T. Gregoire
P. Mansart
R. Wattez
R. Xhonneux

Guest Poser: Mr. Europe Mario Giannotta

Seniors 70 Kg
J. Danckaerts
E. Pieters
J. Timmermans

Seniors 80 Kg
F. Brescia
W. Cools
K. Oorlynck
F. Debruycker
E. Vanhauwe
A. Vanoppem
J.M. Yanessa

Seniors 90Kg
St.M. Barry
P Bruneel
R. D’Hooghe
D. Poumy
C. Vandermeulen
J. Vertel

Open Class

Unfortunately it was not possible to get the name of the competitors in this class, but the Mr. Belgium title went to 25 year old Bart Desender.