1984 NABBA Mr. Universe – Prejudging (Download)

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A-0216  Digital Download  Duration:  124 mins  Sample Clip

Amateur & Professional bodybuilding competition: Tim Belknap, Mike Quinn, Brian Buchanan, Ronald Matz and Ed Kawak. This is the only footage from the 1984 NABBA Mr. Universe.


1984 NABBA Mr. Universe – Prejudging

This video covers the Amateur and Professional class PREJUDGING competition. You will see all the major stars such as BRIAN BUCHANAN and TIM BELKNAP, MIKE QUINN, OWEN NEIL, RONALD MATZ and ED KAWAK.

In  the only video from the 1984 NABBA Mr Universe, the hot favourite Ronald Matz of Germany placed 2nd in the tall class to Brian Buchanan. See photo of the top 3 in this class in the gallery.

Brian Buchanan of UK won the Overall Amateur title and Edward Kawak (originally from Lebanon) won the Pro Mr Universe title.

Enjoy 124 mins of some of the best prejudging footage ever recorded from the NABBA Universe. Due to a technical problem, this is the only footage from the 1984 NABBA Mr. Universe. The recording of the evening SHOW was lost.

It was a great year for USA with MIKE QUINN and TIM BELKNAP both winning their classes. Joe Meeko and Larry Bernstein each got 2nd placings and Lance Dreher got a 3rd.

1984 NABBA Mr Universe – Results

Overall Amateur Mr. Universe: Brian Buchanan – UK 

Tall Class 1
1   Brian Buchanan  (Photo Gallery)
2   Ronald Matz
3   Owen Neil
4   Gary Lewer (Photo Gallery)
5   Guido Van Drunen
6   Linkie Wilson

Medium Class 2
1   Mike Quinn  (Photo Gallery)
2   Joe Meeko  (Photo Gallery)
3   Richard Roy
4   Eugene Laviscount
5   Abe Cuesta
6   Peter Andreas  (Photo Gallery)

Short Class 3
1   Tim Belknap
2   Larry Bernstein
3   Terry Phillips
4   Joe Gomes
5   Ramsford Smith
6   Nicky Cheung

Professional Class
1   Ed Kawak  (Photo Gallery)
2   Filippo Massaroni
3   Lance Dreher  (Photo Gallery)
4   Rufus Howard
5   Bill Richardson
6   Roy Duval (Photo Gallery)