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1985 IFBB European Bodybuilding Championships – Show (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-0262  Digital Download  Duration: 107 mins  Sample Clip

Stars are Peter Hensel, Olev Annus and Gunter Kuhni.  Average quality based on the technology of the time.


1985 IFBB European Bodybuilding Championships – Men


1          Peter Hensel
2          Olev Annus
3          Willem Jonkman
4          Jan Malmqvist
5          Gunther Kuhni

1          Josef Peter
2          Richard Farmer
3          Jan Hollensberg
4          Stig Eve Nilson
5          Gary Kendal
6          Rob Van Der Dussen

1          Miroslav Jastrebski
2          Daniel Coussieu
3          Lourenco Brasil
4          Anton Holic
5          Edward Boef

1          Juan Carlos Lopez
2          Bernd Haid
3          Wilhelm Janach
4          Eric Pieters
5          Paul Koole