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1985 IFBB Mr Germany – Part 2 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-0266B  Digital Download  Duration:  93 mins  Sample Clip

A classic IFBB contest from the mid-eighties.  Part Two includes Guest Posers Sergio Oliva and Al Beckles, as well as the Men's Open Classes


1985 IFBB Mr. Germany – Part 2

Men Lightweight
Men Middleweight
Men Light-Heavy
Men Heavy
Men overall
Guest posers:  Sergio Oliva & Al Beckles



Overall Winner Peter Hensel

HeavyWeight:  Peter Hensel
Light-HeavyWeight  Josef Peter
MiddleWeight:  Rudiger Schmitz
LightWeight:  Jurgen Kuehnau

Junior Overall Winner Rudi Sawadski
Rudi Sawadski: Junior – Tall
Bernd Wolf:   Junior – Medium
Andreas Becker:  Junior – Short


Overall Winner Renate Holland

HeavyWeight – Suzanne Steurer
LightWeight –  Renate Holland