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1985 Lamps Mr. Capital City (Download)

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A-0283A  Digital Download  Duration:  90 mins  Sample Clip

The 5th Mr Capital City competition – a London bodybuilding icon from the mid-eighties.  Guest Poser Ray Mentzer.  And possibly the first appearance of Steve Avery as a teenager.


1985 Lamps Mr. Capital City

The fifth Annual Mr. & Miss Capital City – Guest Poser Ray Mentzer

First Timers

Doros Takis – Winner
Jim Mason – Best Presentation
Brian Barker
Martin Burton
Peter Copsey
Del Elie
Trevor Goldstein
Michael Layne
Keith Sharpe
Robin Wright
Mark Akers


John Guerin – Winner
Joe Mattheou – Best Presentation
Brian Collier
Martin Franklin
Stan Howlett
John Inwood
Rod Palmer


Ron Allen – Winner
Steve Avery – Best Presentation
Kevan Barber
Paul Wilson


Kenston Brooks – Winner
Mark Smith – Best Presentation
David Beardsley
Mike Harvey
Alan Holton
Stephen James
Ian Ormiston
Ossie Osbourne
Keith Ruffell

Posing Teams

First Team:  Angela Boyle & Doros Takis (Physique Gym) – winners
Second Team:  Steve Avery, Chris Hunter, Mike Santucci, Dukes Adoki (Grove Hall Gym)
Third Team:  Susan Blandford and Ian Ormiston (Arnie’s Gym)

Mr. Capital City

Steve Mills – Winner & Best Presentation
Mohammed Bhatti
Keith Charles
Peter Gerrard
John Watts