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1986 IFBB French Bodybuilding Championships Men

1986 IFBB French Bodybuilding Championships- Men (Download)

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A-0323A  Digital Download  Duration: 72 mins  Sample Clip

A contest appearance by Francis Benfatto – and guest poser Lee Haney raises the roof in the early French Championships.

Product Description

1986 IFBB French Bodybuilding Championships:  Men

Guest poser – Lee Haney, who is also interviewed on stage.

Includes a contest appearance by Francis Benfatto.

 Juniors – Under 70KG
Francois Pitarch

Juniors – Under 80KG
William Borde 

Juniors – Over 80KG
Jocelyn Pradeau

Masters – Under 70KG
Marcel Julien

Masters – Under 80KG
Marcel De Braine 

Masters – Over 80KG
Francois Vanneron  

Open – Under 70KG
Eddie Quillet

Open – Under 80KG
Francis Benfatto 

Open – Under 90KG
Gerard Phibel 

Open – Over 90KG
Michel Vigier 

Lee Haney Guest Poses