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1986 IFBB Mr. Universe (Download)

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A-0330 Digital Download Duration: 60 mins Sample Clip

There are many famous names from the 1986 IFBB Mr. Universe World Amateur Championships held in Tokyo. Includes Ralf Moeller, Mike Ashley, Ian Dowe and many more.


1986 IFBB Mr. Universe: World Amateur

Held in Tokyo, Japan, in October 1986.

Special Awards – Overall team title – USA; President’s Award for Most Improved Athlete – Koos Hemminga (Netherlands); the Julien Blommaert Team Posing Award – Canada.


1 Ralf Moeller (Germany)
2 François Gay
3 Koos Hemminga
4 Alfred Neugebauer
5 Patrick O’Mallet
6 Vince Morrison
– Jeroen Van Der Linde

1 Mike Ashley
2 Libor Minarik
3 Ian Dowe
4 Ahmet Enünlü (Turkey)
5 Pawel Filleborn
6 Soel Nouri

1 Paul Jean-Guillaume
2 Prem Chand Degra
3 Francis Benfatto
4 Joseph Brian
5 Erwin Knoller
6 Karl-Heinz Loose
12 Richard Martina

1 Herman Hoffend
2 Jose Guzman
3 Esmat Sadek (Egypt)
4 Park Yung Chul (Korea)
5 Wilhelm Janach
6 Han Dong Ki
– Marcel Suitela

1 Steve Brisbois
2 John Ruehlman
3 Jose Ballester
4 Mohammed El Fasakhani
4 Mohammed Lofty
5 Francois Chung
6 Bang Woon Hyuk