1986 IFBB Professional World Championships – Men (Download)

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64 solid minutes of some of the most famous bodybuilders of the 1980’s.  Won by Rich Gaspari, we also see Mike Christian, Dave Hawk, John Terilli, and many more.


1986 IFBB Professional World Championships

This classic contest saw intense competition between some of the greatest bodybuilders of the ‘80s and early ‘90s. After a titanic struggle Rich Gaspari came out on top from Mike Christian and UK’s Frank Richard, with Australia’s John Terilli in 5th place. Bob Paris managed to round out the top 6. Many other champions filled the placings from 7th to 18th place.

Photo Galleries

Rich Gaspari
Mike Christian
Ed Kawak

1 Rich Gaspari
2 Mike Christian
3 Frank Richard
4 David Hawk
5 John Terilli
6 Bob Paris
7 Gary Leonard
8 Edouard Kawak
9 Tony Pearson
10 Charles Glass
11 Bob Birdsong
12 Scott Wilson
13 Danny Padilla
14 John Brown
15 Ali Malla
16 Appie Steenbeek
17 Jacques Neuville
18 Joe Nazario