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1986 NABBA Britain Show - Part 1 Download

1986 NABBA Britain: Show – Part 1 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-0320A  Digital Download  Duration: 94 mins  Sample Clip

Part 1 includes:  Masters, Juniors, Figure, and Women’s Bodybuilding.  Includes posing by all top 6 finalists. See rare footage of Andy Hornby, who tragically died a few years later.

Product Description

1986 NABBA Britain: Show – Part 1

Women’s Bodybuilding

See the complete EVENING SHOW for both men and women, in these four classes, from this historic contest. Includes posing by all top 6 finalists.  Many of the champions you see in this DVD went on to win other major titles in UK or at the Universe or both. For some it was a stepping stone to future greatness.

See rare footage of the Junior winner ANDY HORNBY who died tragically a year or so later. He was one of the most outstanding Junior competitors we have ever seen or filmed.

1986 NABBA Mr Britain Results

Overall Winner: Owen Neil
Tall Class 1
1   Owen Neil
2   Andrew Webb
3   Basil Francis
4   Ivon Jackson
5   Eddy Ellwood
6   Val Agar
7   Lloyd Williams

Medium Class 2
1   Vince D’Alessandro
2   Graeme Corner
3   Michael Barnes
4   Larry Howard
5   Peter Reid
6   Alex Millar
7   Steve Rogers

Short Class 3 
1   Ramsford Smith
2   Paul Patterson
3   John Wiggins
4   Adrian Stones
5   Kevin Duggan
6   Andrew Stones
7   Mohammed Bhatti

Junior Class
1   Andy Hornby
2   Roger Bartley
3   David Kilroy
4   Daren O’Brien
5   William Roy Day
6   Clint Dye
7   Richard Oxley
8   Tony Megson
9   Paul Lyons

Masters Class
1   Sammy Nelson
2   Derek Browning
3   Brian House
4   Raymond Clarke
5   John Pegler
6   Roger Jones
7   Peter Collins
8   Mickey Baird

1986 NABBA Ms Britain

Physique Class
1   Carole Bennett
2   Mandy Curry
3   Robina Harvey
4   Michele Lucas
5   Margaret Porter
6   Susan Webber
7   Suzanne Lambert

Figure Class 
1   Mary Scott
2   Heidi Thomas
3   Sonia Walker
4   Lisa Thompson
5   Leslie Whitehouse
6   Yetta Hall
7   Karen Green