1986 NABBA Mr. Universe: Prejudging – Part 1 (Download)

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In Part one of this 2-part download you will see:  Juniors,  Class 3,  and Class 2 posing routines.  Note – the complete Junior Class is included in this Prejudging video and the Junior Class is NOT included in the Men – The Show video.


1986 NABBA Mr. Universe Prejudging Part 1

Prejudging Photo Gallery
Show Gallery

Part one:
Class 3
Class 2 posing routines

At the 1986 NABBA Mr Universe – Men’s Prejudging the favourite, MIKE ANTORINO of USA, was up against a rejuvenated CHARLES CLAIRMONTE of UK and a sensation RONALD MATZ from Germany. This was in the tall class 1.

SAMMY IOANNIDIS of Australia dominated and won the short class 3 with EUGENE LAVISCOUNT from England too strong for Peter Andreas of Germany in Class 2.

In the Junior Universe class it was a sensational ANDY HORNBY up against Roger Bartley with Andy getting straight firsts from every single judge. It looked like he had a huge Pro career ahead of him. About a year later he tragically died.

The complete Junior Class is included in this Prejudging video and the Junior Class is NOT included in the Men – The Show video due to running time constraints when the Show master tape was originally edited.

1986 NABBA Universe Men’s Complete Results:

Men’s Class 1 – Tall
1   Charles Clairmonte – OVERALL AMATEUR MR. UNIVERSE WINNER (Photo Gallery)
2   Michael Antorino
3   Ronald Matz  (Photo Gallery)
4   Owen Neil
5   André Maille
6  Basil Francis  (Photo Gallery)
7  Linkie Wilson
8  Gary Lewer  (Photo Gallery)
Tim Bell
Frank McCormack
Midrag Prijefic
Jeff Monson
Ettore Azzarone
Alberto Furno
Njue Jackson
Spiros Bournazos
Andrew Webb
Marc Van Kugh

Men’s Class 2 – Medium
1   Eugene Laviscount
2   Peter Andreas  (Photo Gallery)
3   Steven Strunk  (Photo Gallery)
4   Norbert Huellen
5   Peter Bosch
6   Patrice Linguet
7   Billy Knight
8   Daniel Moyson
Misdrag Prijevic
Harald Rompler
Roibert Curlet
Claudio Sinapi
Peter Reid
Francois Lily
Carlos Alonsa
Heinz Scharmann
Charles Thomes
Larry Howard
Vince D’Allesandro
Nusret Custevic
Edwin Phradion

Men’s Class 3 -Short
1   Sammy Ioannidis
2   Larry Bernstein
3   Victor Terra  (Photo Gallery)
4   Terry Phillips
5   Edwin Roessler
6   Ramsford Smith
7.  Adrian Stones
8.  John Wiggins
William Lambert
Giovanni Fossella
Francisco Batis
Paul Patterson
Edmondo Lancia
Miguel Barello
Alberto Amato

Junior Class
1  Andy Hornby
2  Roger Bartley
3  David Kilroy
4  Daren O’Brien
5  Clint Dye

1986 Professional Mr. Universe

1   Lance Dreher  (Photo Gallery)
2   Pierro Venturato
3   Vince Brown
4   Thierry Pastel
5   Rufus Howard
6   Bill Richardson
7   Roy Duval  (Photo Gallery)
8  Mike Sable  (Photo Gallery)
Ian Lawrence
Walter O’Malley
Bill Hemsworth