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1986 SABBA South Australia – Highlights (Download)

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It was the first time that height classes were introduced into the Open sections for both men and women.  Overall women’s winner Irene Nickole.  Guest poser Gary Lewer.


1986 SABBA South Australian Bodybuilding Competition

31st August 1986


Gary Lewer Photo Gallery

It was the first time that height classes were introduced into the Open sections for both men and women, with them all particularly the women’s sections being well supported. South Australia was fast becoming the strongest women’s body building State in the country.

Memorable events for this competition were:

  • The wonderful and imaginative posing displays put on by the majority of the contestants;
  • The high standard of posing and friendly competition between the couples competitors;
  • Extreme closeness of the competition in the Men’s Short Class Division, with all the contestants having previously won or placed second in a major competition and seeing Frank finally smile after being announced the winner;
  • Anna Allwood looking big ripped and confident as ever and ready for the Australia;
  • The awe-inspiring sight of Robert Kulenicz walking on stage to his first competition in South Australia – he is definitely the biggest body builder we have had compete in our competitions and he really shocked the crowd and the other competitors;
  • Irene Nickole showing what a threat she would be in the Australia;

And of course Mr. Big in Australian body building, Gary Lewer giving us a very classy and memorable guest pose. The crowd loved him, and we found out later that Gary really appreciated the crowd reaction. They are just not that enthusiastic in Melbourne it seems – it is good to hear South Australian body building fans being praised for their efforts.


Men’s Teenage
1. Peter Boehme
2. Nenad Tadic
3. Stuart Mauro
4. Garry Rudell (Ineligible, competitor from the UK)
5. Mark Visser (Most Potential)
6. Stephen Francewski
7. Phil White

Men’s Juniors
1. Arthur Staikopolous
2. Andrew Rutt

Men’s Novice
1. Jim Kaiwahia
2. Kym Schulz
3. Ronald Hall
4. Angelo Pellicciotta

Men’s Masters
1. Leo Loe
2. Phil Peake
3. Dennis Wayman
4. Paul Williamson
5. Jim McCluskey

Men’s Open short
1. Frank Asimakopoulos (Most Muscular)
2. Geoff Davies
3. Eddy Turner
4. Les Hall

Men’s Medium
1. Sam White
2. Tim Humes

Men’s Tall
1. Robert Kulenicz
2. Brian Zadow
3. Phil Maynard

Women’s Novice
1. Tracey Willmott
2. Michelle Kogheed
3. Tina Daniels
Stephanie Hart
Julie Tiggerman
Sandra Premrl
Vicki Hill
Sally Watson
Kerry Emerson
Vicky Ormsby
Kathryn Knight (Most Potential)

Women Over 35
1. Anna Allwood
2. Raye Simon
3. Tina Orman
4. Raylene Main

Women’s Open Short
1. Irene Nickole
2. Lili Caridi
3. Sandra Wilkinson
4. Dianne Duffield
5. Lisa Toumbos

Women’s Open Tall
1. Debbie Meller
2. Helen Maynard
3. Linda Robertson
4. Donna McQueen
5. Julie Anne Goode

1. Lili Caridi and Arthur Staikopolous
2. Leanne Cavanagh and Sam White
3. Helen and Phil Maynard
4. Lois Coulter and Rohan Frahn
5. Vicki Ormsby and Ron Hall