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1987 EFBB British Championships Men's Show Download

1987 EFBB British Championships Men – Show (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-0378A  Digital Download  Duration:  106 mins  Sample Clip

Includes guest posers Patrick Nicholls and Lee Haney.  A very worthy Selwyn Cottrell was the heavy weight winner, with Kevin Taylor, Malcolm Brown and Steve Dinsdale being the other class winners.


Product Description

1987 EFBB British Championships: Men – Show

Includes guest posers Patrick Nicholls and Lee Haney.


Men’s Lightweight 70Kg

1.  Kevin Taylor
2.  Mark Thomas
3.  Tommy Reagan
4.  Cavan Derby
5.  Tony Miller
6.  Phil Harris

Men’s Middleweight  80 Kg

1.  Steve Dinsdale
2.  Mohammad Bhatti
3.  Mickey Dunn
4.  Ian Smith
5.  Sylvester Osborne
6.  Ray Ross

Men’s Light heavyweight  90Kg

1.  Malcolm Brown
2.  Lloyd Patterson
3.  Richard Birkby
4.  Martin Allamango
5.  Michael Van Witt
6.  J.D. Dawadu

Men’s Heavyweight Over 90 Kg

1.  Selwyn Cottrell
2.  Mick Theo
3.  Francis Rainford
4.  Mike Harvey
5.  Mike A’Hearn
6.  Roger Robinson