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1987 IFBB German Championships DVD
1987 IFBB German Championships

1987 IFBB German Championships – Men (Download)

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A-0375B  Digital Download  Duration:  139 mins   Sample Clip

As usual the German IFBB National Championships featured many outstanding physiques. Star of the event and overall winner was WILHELM JASINOWSKI. See the best IFBB German bodybuilders, both men and women. Guest poser PETER HENSEL. Includes Prejudging.

Product Description

1987 IFBB German Championships: Men – Prejudging and Show

As usual the German IFBB National Championships for men and women featured many outstanding physiques. Stars of the event were overall winners WILHELM JASINOWSKI, MARION ULLMER and VOLKER ROENICKE.  See the COMPLETE MEN’S CONTEST from Prejudging through to the end of the SHOW.

Star guest posers were PETER HENSEL who was in his Olympia condition, shredded and absolutely sensational and JOSEF GROLMUS of the 22″ arms. Take a look at HENSEL as he poses down against JOSEF GROLMUS at the end of the contest.

SPECIAL THANKS to Stefan Wichmann for providing me most of the details and content seen on this page.

Complete Results

The Men – Class Winners:

Overall Winner: Wilhelm Jasinowski 
Heavyweight winner:  Lothar Kienle
Light-Heavyweight winner:  Frank Hillebrand
Middleweight winner:  Wilhelm Jasinowski
Lightweight winner: Jurgen Liehr

1987 IFBB German Championships – Top 6


Junior Class 1
1. Volker Rönicke
2. Holger Hemer
3. Helmut Knorr
4. Roy Korczewski
5. Andreas Schertel
6. Christopher Kunzfeld

Junior Class 2
1. Jürgen Liebenow
2. Markus Kircher
3. Frank Kriegel
4. Ralf Öller
5. Marcus Staatsmann
6. Joachim Pfitzenmeier

Junior Class 3
1. Stefan Kurz
2. Michael Stephan
3. Peter Schwarz
4. Stefan Pross
5. Frank Schmidt
6. Hans-J. Nagel

Overall Junior Winner: Volker Rönicke

Men’s Class 1
1. Jürgen Liehr
2. Georg Bäuerle
3. Hans-J. Stenger
4. Edi Derzapf
5. Michael Ankert
6. Peter Roberto

Men’s Class 2
1. Wilhelm Jasinowski
2. Karl Link
3. Peter Wasse
4. Ralf Schmidt
5. Günter Lehmeier
6. Frank Schramm

Men’s Class 3
1. Frank Hillebrand
2. Andreas Becker
3. Hans Geiger
4. Andre Lotz
5. Ingo Fischer
6. Jürgen Schweikert

Men’s Class 4
1. Lothar Kienle
2. Daniel Lohmann
3. Stefan Härtl
4. Roman Knetsch
5. Andreas Fabischak
6. Jörg Bemb

Overall Mr. Germany: Wilhelm Jasinowski

Male Guest Posers:
Josef Grolmus
Peter Hensel


Women’s Class 1
1. Kirsten Reinhard
2. Gabriele Krappe
3. Ow Yong Rajkovic
4. Helga Popp
5. Jeanette Koerner
6. Gerhild Scharold

Women’s Class 2
1. Marion Dietrich
2. Marit Kruse
3. Anneli Carstensen
4. Angelika Bischof
5. Silvia Haas
6. Evelin Preis

Women’s Class 3
1. Marion Ulmer
2. Hannelore Heyrock
3. Stephanie Nonella
4. Giesela Berkenbusch
5. Monika Krampfl
6. Barbara Rudloff

Overall Women’s Winner: Marion Ulmer

Female Guest Posers:
Renate Holland
Hildegard Schäfer-Wild
Gundi Froeder