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1987 IFBB German Grand Prix – Frankfurt (Download)

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A-1504  Digital Download  Duration:  81 mins  Sample Clip

The second of the two German GP’s held in 1987. This one was won by Rich Gaspari with Robbie Robinson second and Mike Christian third.  Guest poser Lee Labrada.



1987 IFBB German Grand Prix – Frankfurt

Guest Poser – Lee Labrada

Photo Galleries

Rich Gaspari
Robbie Robinson
Ed Kawak
Bertil Fox


1  Rich Gaspari
2  Robby Robinson
3  Mike Christian
4  Albert Beckles
5  Paul Jean-Guillaume
6  Berry DeMey
7  Ron Love
8  Edouard Kawak
9  Bertil Fox
10  John Hnatyschak