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1988 NABBA Mr. South East Britain – Prejudging (Download)

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A-0510  Digital Download  Duration: 111 mins  Sample Clip

Impressive lineup including overall winner Jefferson King.   Includes line-ups, comparisons and posing routines.


1988 NABBA Mr. South East Britain – Prejudging

Line-up, comparisons and posing routines.

Jefferson King Photo Gallery

List of competitors

Men’s Juniors – Under 17 years
Shaid Sharif
Andy Pritchard
David Sindell
Simon Williams
Darren Cohen

Men’s Juniors
Mark Parsons
Paul Hyre
Martin McGlynn
Remo Alvarez
Clint Dye
Carol Robinson
Ted Thethy

Men’s Seniors
Paul Standing
James Connor
Stan Howlett
Ray Potter
Pete McAvoy
Jim Richards

Men’s Novice
Lee Foskett
Chris Bernard
Steve Davis
Chris Bassey
David McCarthy
Eldon Bruno

Men’s Short Class
Terry Fisher
Garry Scales
Victor Cainelli
Paddy Chatterjee
Ken Blom

Men’s Medium Class
Robert Richards
Keith Sharpe
Steven Jacobs
Kevin Egan
Darryl Anderson

Men’s Tall Class
John Higgins
Michael Willson
Jefferson King  (Overall Mr. S.E. Britain)