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1989 IFBB German Championship Download

1989 IFBB German Championships – Finals (Download)

USD $10.00

A-0571  Digital Download  Duration: 100 mins  Sample Clip

A classic German IFBB Contest from the late 80’s.  Includes men and women: excellent quality.  Three guest posers were Brian Buchanan, Anja Schreiner and Tatjana Scholl

Product Description

1989 IFBB German Championships – Finals: Men & Women

A classic German contest – excellent quality.  Three of the guest posers were

Brian Buchanan
Anja Schreiner
Tatjana Scholl

Overall Winner Jurgen Hueber

1  Jurgen Hueber

1  Heinrich Sauer

1  Michael Staudinger

1  Kester Paschke

Junior Overall Winner Uwe Hemmer

Junior – Tall
1  Uwe Hemmer

Junior – Medium
1  Andreas Waldmann

Junior – Short
1  Armin Kullna

Women’s Results

Overall Winner Jutta Tippelt

1  Bettina Schmid

1  Jutta Tippelt

1  Kerstin Brass