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1992 IFBB German Championships - Men's Prejudging # 1 download

1992 IFBB German Championships – Men’s Prejudging # 1 (Download)

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A-0722A  Digital Download  Duration: 106 mins  Sample Clip

Men’s Prejudging # 1 from this classic German contest.  Lightweight and Middleweight.  The overall titles was won by Ingo Fischer – Not Gunter Schlierkamp as you would expect.

Product Description

1992 IFBB German Bodybuilding Championships – Men’s Prejudging # 1

Men’s Prejudging # 1 of this massive event focuses on the Lightweight and Middleweight Classes

Sadly, we only have the first placed men in the results – if you have any further information please email tina@gmv.com.au, so we can update this product page.

Overall Winner Ingo Fischer

1  Gunter Schlierkamp

1  Ingo Fischer

1  Michael Klein

1  Wolfgan Heidecke

Junior Overall Winner Sven Juette

Junior – Tall
1  Sven Juette

Junior – Medium
1  Stefan Roth

Junior – Short
1  Christian Korpert