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1993 IFBB German Championships – Men (Download)

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A-0741A  Digital Download  Duration:  120 mins  Sample Clip

Another of our German Classic bodybuilding events:  Standout names include Florian Maier and Peter Maruhnd.  Includes guest poser Thomas Scheu.



1993 IFBB German Bodybuilding Championships – Men:

Includes guest posers

‘Boys Power’ trio of performers
Eddy Derzapf
Peter Schwarz
Manfred Hober
Thomas Sheu


Overall Winner Peter Maruhnd


1          Peter Maruhnd
2          Stefan Fehler
3          Olaf Peters
4          Michael Stephan
5          Michael Bieschke

1          Wolfgang Ostertas
2          Guido Guggenberger
3          Jurgen Schweiker
4          Jurgen Schedl
5          Peter Seydlitz

1          Udo Kamm
2          Gregor Daszkiewicz
3          Guido Pletinck
4          Jörg Werner
5          Benrd Balzen

1          Holger Mishal
2          Andreas Frank
3          Stefan Fischer
4          Erwin Reihs
5          Bernd Altherr

Junior Overall Winner Christian Herbrich

Junior – HeavyWeight
1          Christian Herbrich
2          Andreas Edl
3          Noel Senftleber

Junior – MiddleWeight
1          Florian Maier
2          Andreas Koschler
3          Ralph Ludwig

Junior – LightWeight
1          Michael Guske
2          Jurgen Wolfram
3          Ronald Hansch