1993 IFBB German Grand Prix # 2 – Finals (Download)

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Held in Bielefeld, this is the second of two German Grand Prix held in Germany in 1993.  Different lineup, different results.  Won by Kevin Levrone over Andreas Munzer.  Guest poser Anja Langer; excellent video quality.


1993 IFBB German Grand Prix – Finals

Held in Bielefeld, this was the second Grand Prix held in Germany in 1993.  Completely different line-up and results.  Guest poser Anja Langer.  Excellent video quality.

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Kevin Levrone
Charles Clairmonte
Pavol Jablonicky


1  Kevin Levrone
2  Andreas Munzer
3  Sonny Schmidt
4  Charles Clairmonte
5  Milos Sarcev
6  Hamdullah Aykutlu
7  Pavol Jablonicky
8  Ray McNeil
9  J J Marsh
10  Selwyn Cottrell
12  John Sherman
13  Johann Schatz
14  Arthur Buurman