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1993 SA Natural Bodybuilding Championships Download

1993 SA Natural Bodybuilding Championships (Download)

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A-0756  Digital Download  Duration:  96 mins  Sample Clip

An ANBF Natural competition. Nick Jones’ first competition, and his first win of a State Title. Women’s title was won by Karen Brooksby.

Product Description

1993 South Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships

Nick Jones’ very first contest – and of course he won.



1  Craig Stevens
2  Chris Papadopolous

1  Tony Sebarino
2  Neil Irvine

1  Paul Mavrik (Best poser award)
2  Phil Peake
3  Andrew Sekay
4  Michael Lee

Men’s Open – Junior
1  Nick Jones (Best poser award)
2  Mike Lomman
3  Michael Cash
4  John Murray
5  Michael Crouch

Men’s Open
1  Nick Jones
2  Shane Gill (Best Poser award)
3  Jeff Davies
4  Colin McLean
5  Greg Gousios

Women’s Open
1  Karen Brooksby (Best poser award)
2  Fay Garland
3  Karen Hardwick
4  Sue Hales
5  Josie Meliga
6  Shannon Stephens