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1994 SABBA SA Championships DVD

1994 SABBA SA Championships (Download)

AUD $7.50

GMV-186   Digital Download   Duration:  120 mins  Sample Clip

Special mention goes to the Overall winner DARREN LEE. He has come from nowhere to take it all – big legs, massive calves, great posing – Darren had the audience screaming for more.

Product Description

1994 SABBA South Australian Bodybuilding Championships: Prejudging & Show 

Men & Women

Held at the Dom Polski Centre on Sunday 18th September 1994, South Australia’s best bodybuilders took part in the battle for the prestigious state titles.

Special mention goes to the Overall winner DARREN LEE. He has come from nowhere to take it all – big legs, massive calves, great posing – Darren had the audience screaming for more.  The other notable in the Men’s Division was another newcomer – Novice JASON FREEMANTLE.  He went on to win the Novice Section at the Australasian titles just one week later. A fantastic physique with a great future.

A surprise and most impressive entry was LISA EGAN, the Women’s World Physique Champion for 1994. She took out the Women’s Physique title, followed by TARA NORTH.  Tara’s performance is worthy of special mention. She won the prestigious JOHN KOZIURA MEMORIAL trophy for most potential, becoming the first ever female competitor to receive this important award.

John Koziura:

Over the years, some incredible bodybuilders have won the South Australian state titles, with many going on to represent Australia overseas. John Koziura holds a record that is never likely to be broken with 10 Mr. South Australia titles. John was tragically killed in a road accident in late 1982.
His victories were in 1971, 1973, 1974, 1976 to 1982.

John always helped and encouraged young and up and coming bodybuilders. Accordingly the perpetual trophy awarded in his honour is for the bodybuilder, male or female, deemed to have the most potential.

In the Women’s Figure there was an amazingly tight battle before ANNA LEIGH took out the title from TERRI ROBERTS with HEATHER LINDSAY in 3rd place. Terri went on to win the 2001 NABBA Universe – Figure Class 2. Terri is still in amazing shape and competing in 2017.

The special guest act was the LATIN AMERICAN DUO.


Teenage Class:
1. Scott Jamieson
2. Kym Parfylo
3. Hayden Collins
4. Truong Pham

1. Wayne Mattei

Novice Men’s Class:
1. Jason Freemantle
2. Ben Bernhardt
3. Paul Herft
4. Warwick Williams
5. Brett Jansen

Figure Class:
1. Anna Leigh
2. Terri Roberts
3. Heather Lindsay
4. Sharon Baltussen
5. Monica Thieleke
6. Johanna Way

Women’s Physique:
1. Lisa Egan
2. Tara North

Masters Class:
1. Kym Johncock
2. Paul Roe

Men’s Open:
1. Darren Lee
2. Kari Sohkanen
3. Mark Trewartha
4. Patrick Briggs