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1995 IFBB German Championships – Men (Download)

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A-1531 Digital Download Duration: 142 mins Sample Clip
Special Guest poser: Aaron Baker. Overall winner Johannes Eleftheriadis; Overall Junior Winner Armin Scholz.


1995 IFBB German Championships – The Men

Opening titles with brief crowd and pump room footage
Teams introduced on stage in tracksuits
Junior 1
Junior 2
Junior 3
Junior overall
Guest poser Eddi Derzapf
Men Class 1
Men Class 2
Men Class 3
Men Class 4
All awards for Men’s classes
Overall (Johannes Eleftheriadis)
Aaron Baker guest poser as Bat Man

Overall Winner Johannes Eleftheriadis

1 Johannes Eleftheriadis
2 Michael Bieschke
3 Thomas Koller
4 Hilmar Villwock
5 Dirk Becht

1 Jurgen Schedl
2 Marcus Kircher
3 Martin Dorau
4 Frank Vietor
5 Steffan Gerhard

1 Bernd Szymanski
2 Frank Michel
3 Peter Pollberger
4 Walter Toja
5 Markus Spegg

1 Erwin Reihs
2 Gunther Biller
3 Michael Gulch
4 Norbert Zerb
5 Thomas Nuhn

Junior Overall Winner Armin Scholz

Junior – HeavyWeight
1 Armin Scholz
2 Fabian Russo
3 Eric Ambacher

Junior – MiddleWeight
1 Thomas Dittrich
2 Rene Brandt
3 Oliver Schalk

Junior – LightWeight
1 Michael Köhnen
2 Benrd Roessler
3 Michael Ganter