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1996 NABBA World Championships: Men's Prejudging

1996 NABBA World Championships: Men’s Prejudging (Download)

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GMV-229  Digital Download  Duration: 94 mins  Sample Clip

In the Men’s Prejudging DVD you will see all round 1 lineups and symmetry comparisons, and at least two sets of round 3 compulsory poses plus comparisons in each class, and the posing routines of all 46 non finalists. The men competed in six different classes including Juniors, Masters and 4 open height classes.

Product Description

1996 NABBA World Championships: Men’s Prejudging

Held in the magnificent Liederhalle Congress Centre, Stuttgart, Germany on 8th June 1996, the world’s best male and female bodybuilders competed for World Championship glory. The official event hotel was the wonderful Maritim Hotel, Stuttgart.

In the Men’s Prejudging DVD you will see all round 1 lineups and symmetry comparisons, and at least two sets of round 3 compulsory poses plus comparisons in each class, and the posing routines of all 46 non finalists.  The men competed in six different classes including Juniors, Masters and 4 open height classes.

A fantastic lineup of Juniors – winner Dimitris Anastasakis from Greece;   John Citrone winning the masters, giving him a grand slam of every title he could win throughout his illustrious and long bodybuilding career;   Colin Murphie, current Mr. Australia, who placed 4th in an incredible tight field;  Serge Dessel of France taking the overall title from the handsome and symmetrical Carlo Sic of Germany.

Serge Dessel won the overall title thanks to his great size, shape, symmetry and condition. Of special note were his razor sharp abs, huge legs and pretty decent arms to complete the winning package.
As usual Olivier Ripert gave a master class display of posing. He is one of the greatest posers I have ever seen on the NABBA stage and his Class 4 world title was well deserved. Of special note were his huge arms and near perfect symmetry. If you want to learn how to pose, then please study the performance from Olivier!

See 94 minutes of some of the best prejudging action we have ever shot at a World Championships.

Photos by Bob Gruskin, Clive Jaques & Wayne Gallasch.

1996 NABBA World Championships – Results

The Men’s Class winners were as follows:
Class 1: Sergey Ogorodnikov (Russia)
Class 2: Serge Dessel (France)
Class 3: Carlo Sic (Germany)
Class 4: Olivier Ripert (France)
Juniors: Dimitris Anastasakis (Greece)
Masters O/40: John Citrone (England)

Men’s Overall Winner:  Serge Dessel (France)

1.  Dimitris Anastasakis (Greece)
2.  Andreas Lerke (Germany)
3.  Panagiodis Papageorgiu (Greece)
4.  Markus Schlierloh (Germany)
5.  Rouslan Evmenenko (Belarus)
6.  Andrej Butkevic (Lithuania)
7.  Thomas Rosner (Germany)
8.  Paul Hildreth (UK)

1.  John Citrone (England)
2.  Jean Francois Lacroix (France)
3.  Dimitrij Zolin (Russia)
4.  Uli Gaspary (Germany)
5.  Graeme Lancefield (Australia)
6.  Roland Jaux (France)
7.  Santo Milazzo (Italy)
8.  Jonny Niemann (Germany)
Earl Maduro (Netherlands)
Ludwig Fried (Austria)
John Brooks (New Zealand)
Wolfgang Frings (Germany)
Erwin Cremer (Germany)
Wolfgang Weiboldt (Germany)

1.  Olivier Ripert (France)
2.  Bobby Windley (USA)
3.  Uwe Horter (Germany)
4.  Colin Murphie (Australia)
5.  Salvatore Blanco (Italy)
6.  Amedeo Salvati (Italy)
7.  Marlon Mijnals (Netherlands)
8.  Dirk Vaes (Belgium)
Danielle Lungu (Netherlands)
Walter Mulhaus (Austria)
Enrico Luckermann (Germany)
Vidas Janonis (Lithuania)
Massimo Travan (Italy)

1.  Carlo Sic (Germany)
2.  Danny McLean (Scotland)
3.  Ronny Rockel  (Germany)
4.  Graham Black (UK)
5.  Brad McLennan (Australia)
6.  Gerhard Augustin (Austria)
7.  Roy Menig (Netherlands)
8.  Norbert Valkanover (Austria)
George Papadakis (Greece)
Igor Tchivel (Belarus)
Pierre Perrier (France)
Claude Marty (France)
Mario Rieger (Germany)
Theodoros Afendulidis (Greece)
Christian Afford (France)
Omar Marta (Netherlands)

1.  Serge Dessel (France)
2.  Holger Dannheim (Germany)
3.  Paulo Tamarri (Italy)
4.  Rene Meier (Germany)
5.  Giorgio Maggi ( Italy)
6.  Mohamed Mohsen (USA)
7.  Oliver Reinhardt (Germany)
8.  Algiradas Kilchauskas (Lithuania)
Leo Costa (USA)
Chris D’Aguiar (N.Z.)
Robert Colacino (USA)
Tony Modral (UK)
Toni Papanikolau (Greece)
Leonidas Rigoutsos (Greece)
Christian Lehner (Austria)

1.  Sergey Ogorodnikov (Russia)
2.  Dayo Audi (UK)
3.  Patrick Cuel (Frnce)
4.  Torsten Hala (Germany)
5.  Danny Pavlovich (Australia)
6.  Roland Schwan (Germany)
7.  Vassilis Grivas (Greece)
8.  Giovani Thompson (Netherlands)
Les Rudolf (Australia)
Ard Eggen (Netherlands)
Raimond Bottesi (Austria)
Jiannis Kunalis (Greece)
Dirk Jackel (Germany)
Alex Svertkov (Russia)
Rolandas Pocius (Lithuania)