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1998 NABBA Mr. Britain Show Download

1998 NABBA Mr. Britain – Show (Download)

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A-0966  Digital Download  Duration:  126 mins  Sample Clip

1998 NABBA Mr. Britain – many notable names in this line-up including Jason Corrick, the winner Mike O’Hanlon, Gary Lister, Paul Harkin and many more.  And Anth Bailes was also a Junior in this event.


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Saturday, 25th April 1998

Some famous names in these lineups – Jason Corrick, Paul Harkin, Gary Lister and many more.

MR BRITAIN ‑  CLASS 4   (up to & including 1.65m)

1  Jason Corrick West
2  Rob Good      S.E
3  Ian Lloyd       West
4  Gary Scales  S.E
5  Ian Bird         N.E
6  Alan  Vissian Midlands
7  Stevie Wright  North
8  Lee Marshall Wales
9  Graham Hussey North

MR BRITAIN ‑ CLASS 3 (Over 1.65m and up to 1.72)

1  Peter Spencer S.E
2  Jim   Carter   S.E
3  Mike Gelsei   Wales
4  Paul  Knight  S.E
5  David Carr      North
6  Shaun Danby North
7  Peter Spencer S.E
8  Mark Deane South

MR BRITAIN ‑ CLASS 2 (Over 1.72m up to 1.79m)

1  Michael O’Hanlon    Scotland          (OVERALL TITLE WINNER)
2  Michael Johnson        North
3  Dave Tomlinson          N.W
4  Jim   Hargreaves        N.W
5  Daren O’Brien            N.E
6  Steve Riddoch            Midlands
7  John Lee                   North
8  Dave Fox                   N.Ireland
9  Sam  Cullingworth      North
10 Gary  Main Peck       West
11 Joint John Neild         N.W     |
11 Joint Colin Thomas    South
12  Adrian James           West
13  Ian  Hendy
14  Ian  Beatty   Wales
15  Sam Cullingworth     N.E
16  Anthony Quinn         Channel Isles
DNP:  Alistair Bury  West, Nigel Cox N.E, Paul Megwa North, Raffaelo Romano N.E

MR BRITAIN CLASS 1 (Over 1.9 m)

1 Gary Lister                N.E
2 Chris  Wall                  North
3 Michael Cadogan        Wales
4 Franco Corrano           N.E
5 Eric Hartley                West
6 Brett Collins                Midlands
7 Mark Wall                   Midlands
8 Gary Case                  N.W
9 Terry Holloway            S.E
10 Patrick Warner          N.E

MASTERS  Over 40yrs

1 Steve Britton  Wales
2 Larry  Burns   Scotland
3 Bob    Hills     North
4 John   Barber  North
5 Eddie Ibbotson North
6 Graham Lakey West
7 Paul   Trollope West
8 Al Zabiela Wales
9 Kevin  Poll North
10 Michael Mitchell  Scotland
DNP John Fengaras S.E, Eddie  Parker   Midlands, Ian Richardson Midlands

JUNIORS  U/21yrs

1  Stewart  Cameron   Scotland
2  Eddie Gray S.E
3  Mathew Hughes S.E
4  Ian Quigley N.W
5  Paul  Harkin   N.Ireland
6  Mohammed Said Mohammed South
7  Mark Curry    North
8  Anthony Bailes          North
9  Gary Spellman Wales
10 Wayne Niemiec South
11 Paul Green   North
12 Luke Bagster Midlands
13 Jason Leaver   West