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2000 NABBA Britain - Men Show Download

2000 NABBA Britain: Men – Show (Download)

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The 2000 NABBA Mr. Britain was notable for some outstanding physiques, including Andy Bell, Steph Sinton, Chris Wall and Brian Flockhart.


Product Description

2000 NABBA MR BRITAIN – 20th May 2000:  Southport, Lancashire, England

The Results

MR BRITAIN CLASS 3 (Up to 168 cms – 5’ 6”)

1  Derek Rutherford      Scotland
2  Stephen  Sinton             Scotland
3  Bob Lockwood      S.E      England
4  Bruce McCall            North   England
5  John  Buchanan       N. Ireland
6   Ian Bird                 N.W England
7   Russell Short               Wales
8  Gary  Morton            Scotland
9  Leyland Hoganson      North   England
10  Lee   Grieveson      North   England
11 JOINT Terry  Difford            West   England
11 JOINT Darren Pool                Wales
12  Jim Carter             S.E England
13   David Thackray        N.E England
14   Paul  Bateman        Midlands
15  Richard  Catley             West   England

MR BRITAIN CLASS 2 (Over 1.68 cms 5ft 6ins ‑ to 1.75 cms ‑ 5ft 9ins)

1   Brian  Flockhart        North England
2  Julian Casey             N.E England
3  Patrick Warner           N.E England
4  Tony Stevenson      N.E England
5  Hunni Glanville          S.E England
6   Robin  Munro             Scotland
7   Barry  Chamberlain South England            49 points but also 4 x 6th
8  Dean Cullen             North   England          49 points
9   Geraint Anstee            Wales
10  Barry Vormawah     N.W     England
11  Mike  Davies            Wales
12  Marrick Bartley      Midlands
13  Colin  Goodrich        Midlands

MR BRITAIN CLASS 1  (Height class Over 1.75 cms ‑ 5ft 9ins)

1  ANDY  BELL      N.W    England  OVERALL TITLE
2  Kevin  Davenport      N.E      England
3  Chris  Wall                 North   England
4  Eric Hartley            West   England
5  Mark Whitter            South  England
6  Philip Montgomery   N. Ireland
7  David  Maykels          N.W     England
8  John Hutton             N.E      England


1  Carl Rung              N.W     England
2  Steve Britton             Wales
3  John Lee                 North   England
4  Gordon Pasquil           N.W     England
5  Graham Park                Scotland
6  Don Mathven          Scotland
7  Kevin Poll                  N.W     England
8  Steve Turner             South England
9  Stuart Dane               Midlands
10  George   Gillan Scotland
11  Malvyn  Evans        Wales
12  Ian Richardson    Midlands
13  Ian Blackwell        Midlands
14  Gary   Currie             S.E England

1     Paul Harkin           N.Ireland
2     Derek  Clark               Scotland
3     Philip Bell                  Scotland
4      Wayne  Niemiec         South   England
5      Wayne  Robb               Midlands        England

1       Dave Holt                 Midlands
2     Stephen Bogle              Scotland
3      Mathew Hill                S.E  England
4       Darren Smith            N.W   England
5       Craig Grant             N.W England
6       Darren Fleet               North  England
7       Okon Gulutu           S.E  England
8       Dean Reay               North  England
9       Dave  Cunningham Scotland
10     Simon Taylor              Wales
11     Eddie Gray                S.E      England
12     Paul Currie            Wales
13     Stephen Fraser     N.E      England
14     William Duguid    South  England
15     Terry Donnely          Scotland
DNP:  Nick  Openshaw  S.E England
Neil  Rushton   N.E    England

Note:   Okon Gulutu was announced 6th and the award was presented ‑ He was actually 7th.     This mistake was discovered too late to alter presentation