2001 Battle for the Olympia: Part 3 (Download)

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The third and final part of 2001 Battle for the Olympia featuring Dennis James, Kevin Levrone, J.D. Dawodu, and Jay Cutler.



2001 Battle for the Olympia Part 3

In the third and final part of 2001 Battle for the Olympia, we start by training shoulders with the one and only Dennis James.  Then we learn from the master poser Kevin Levrone – one of the most graceful posers on the bodybuilding stage.  J.D. Dawodu shows us how to train biceps and achieve that awesome look, before we finish up with an intense shoulder and triceps workout with Jay Cutler.

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Kevin Levrone
Dennis James
Jay Cutler

** Jay Cutler looks absolutely incredible!! We mean amazing!! Also includes : “In the room” & “Backstage Actions” plus more.

2001 Mr. Olympia: Results

1. Ronnie Coleman USA
2. Jay Cutler USA
3. Kevin Levrone USA
4. Shawn Ray USA
5. Chris Cormier USA
6. Orville Burke USA
7. Dennis James USA
8. Dexter Jackson USA
9. Nasser El Sonbaty Yugoslavia
10. Shari ‘King’ Kamali USA
11. Melvin Anthony USA
12. Craig Titus USA
13. Vince Taylor USA
14. Markus Ruhl Germany
15. Gunter Schlierkamp Germany
16. Tom Prince USA
17. J.D. Dawodu England
18. Darrem Charles Trinidad
19. Pavol Jablonicky Czech Rep.
20. Claude Groulx Canada
21. Mike Matarazzo USA

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