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2001 EFBB Mr. Britain: Part 1 download

2001 EFBB British Championships – Men’s Prejudging # 1 (Download)

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GMV-474A  Digital Download  Duration: 82 mins  Sample Clip

** See all the action from the Prejudging as 85 men pose and are compared side by side. ** This video includes lineups through to virtually every set of comparisons in the compulsory poses. Part One includes Men’s Juniors, Men’s 1st Timers, Men’s Seniors, Men’s Intermediates Under 80 Kg

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2001 EFBB British Championships – Men’s Prejudging

Part 1 includes:

Men’s Juniors
Men’s 1st Timers
Men’s Seniors
Men’s Intermediates Under 80 Kg

** This video includes lineups through to virtually every set of comparisons in the compulsory poses. The Prejudging is the only place where all competitors pose in the Free Posing Round. Only the winners of each class pose at the Show.

** The 9 different classes range from Juniors to First Timers, Seniors, Intermediates to the main open weight classes.

** See how MARK HARRIS in the Under 80 Kg class overcame all other competitors in this memorable event.


1st Timers:  HARDY PALMER
Up to 70 Kg:  JASON CARTER
Up to 80 Kg:  MARK HARRIS
Under 90 Kg:  LEE POWELL
Over 90 Kg:  SIMON COHEN
Up to 80 Kg Intermediates:  MARK MOXON
Over 80 Kg Intermediates:  ADAM ASHLEY

Overall Champion:  MARK HARRIS


2001 EFBB British Championships
Nottingham, England    7th October, 2001

Men’s Juniors
1. Dean Lesiak
2. Eddy Eddison
3. Mark Cole
4. Silash Chauhan

Men’s 1st Timers
1. Hardy Palmer
2. Josh Tomalin
3. Mitchell Gosling
4. Justin O’Dell
5. Shane Bye
6. Darryl Collier
Andy Edgar
Joel Wright
Jason Stone
Andre Metcalf
Jerry Blackwell
John Welsh
Darren Ball

Men’s Seniors
1. John Roberts
2. Baz Bardsley
3. Carl Rung
4. Shah Azam
5. Paul Ehren
6. Gary Rollinson
Ian Blackwell
Steve Horsewell
Peter Carson
Stephen Culshaw
Ricky Wallis

Men’s Intermediates Under 80 Kg
1. Mark Moxon
2. Mark Taylor
3. Kevin Turner
4. Eddie Moran
5. Jamie Hutton
6. Tony Montalbano

Men’s Intermediates Over 80 Kg
1. Adam Ashley
2. Asaad Nakhal
3. John Freeman
4. Charles Kamulegeya
5. Darren Smith
6. Andrew Glynn
Simon Jones
Dominic Cannon
Robert Hughes
Jason Algar
Daniel Nehme
Doug Kelly
Sheru Angras
Grant Harrison

Men’s Under 70 Kg
1. Jason Carter
2. Brett Smith
3. Gareth Worsfold
4. Philip Dunn
5. Simon Kendal
6. Karl Bhattacharyya
Nav Almeshan
Stewart Room

Men’s Under 80 Kg
1. Mark Harris
2. Barry Lockwood
3. Justin Patten
4. David Thackeray
5. Tony Bailey
6. Mark Grier
John McLoughlin
Michael Bukowski

Men’s Under 90 Kg
1. Lee Powell
2. Scott Gledhill
3. Graeme Bennett
4. Mark Etherden
5. Simon Fan
6. La’mon Amede
Darren Woerner
Garry Scales
Serge Camarou
Barny Du Plessis
David Billson
Rob Worthington

Men’s Over 90 Kg
1. Simon Cohen
2. Zack Khan
3. Harold Marillier
5. Peter Spencer
6. Stephen Naylor
Barry Chamberlain
Duncan Meadows
Carl Vink

Overall Men’s Champion: Mark Harris