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2004 Mr. Olympia: Finals (Download)

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Mr. Olympia Finals.  KING RONNIE crowned by the Governator! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presented the Sandow Trophy to Ronnie Coleman for tying his record.


2004 Mr. Olympia

2004 Mr. Olympia FINALS

KING RONNIE crowned by the Governator! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger walked onto the Olympia stage holding the Sandow trophy and presented it to Ronnie Coleman for tying his record. Both men stand only one victory away from all-time leader Lee Haney.

See the fantastic new “Challenge Round” introduced by Sylvester Stallone and hosted by WWE star Triple H where each of the top six Olympia finalists called each other out for mano-a-mano poses to determine the final placings.

2004 Mr. Olympia Results
October 30, 2004 at Las Vegas, Nevada

The new ‘Challenge Round’ was introduced, changing the way the final top six were scored in the last round. The top six competitors scores were discarded after round three, and only the final round mattered in who would win. In the new format, Dexter was the loser, and Gustavo was the winner. The difference was worth $10,000. Ronnie still was the clear winner.

1 Ronnie Coleman USA
2 Jay Cutler USA
3 Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico
4 Dexter Jackson USA
5 Markus Ruhl Germany
6 Gunter Schlierkamp Germany
7 Chris Cormier USA
8 Dennis James USA
9 Victor Martinez Dominican Republic
10 Darrem Charles Trinidad
11 Pavol Jablonicky Czech Rep
12 Kris Dim USA
13 Ahmad Haidar Lebanon
14 Johnnie Jackson USA
15 Troy Alves USA
16 Craig Richardson USA
17 Mustafa Mohammad Jordan
18 Richard Jones USA
19 Claude Groulx Canada