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2006 Mr. Olympia – Prejudging (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1171A  Digital Download   Duration:  87 mins   Sample Clip

Part one of this massive set includes the Prejudging and the Expo highlights.  The Prejudging shows exactly why Jay Cutler managed to dethrone Ronnie.


2006 Mr. Olympia # 1 – Prejudging and Expo

Including all rounds of the Prejudging and full Expo footage of the booths, athletes, swimsuit contest, bench press contest, and bouts of kick-boxing in the ring.   In addition there are interviews with Pro-BB’s, fitness models, and MMA fighters.  There is also footage of Joe and Ben Weider signing their new book, and loads of other great stuff.

Photo Galleries

Jay Cutler
Ronnie Coleman
Victor Martinez
Dexter Jackson

There is a huge upset as Jay Cutler dethrones 8-time Olympian Ronnie Coleman!! A new Mr. Olympia is crowned and 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman gets 2nd place to the awesome Jay Cutler!

Although Ronnie was in great shape, the extra 10 pounds of hard muscle put on by Cutler tipped the balance in his favour, and Cutler won all four rounds of the show for a historic victory.

Wayne’s contest report 
2006 Mr. Olympia Results:

1 Jay Cutler USA
2 Ronnie Coleman USA
3 Victor Martinez Dominican Republic
4 Dexter Jackson USA
5 Melvin Anthony USA
6 Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico
7 Toney Freeman USA
8 Markus Ruhl Germany
9 Dennis James USA
10 Gunter Schlierkamp Germany
11 Vince Taylor USA
12 Branch Warren USA
13 Johnnie Jackson USA
14 Darrem Charles Trinidad
15 Troy Alves USA
Francisco ‘Paco’ Bautista Spain
Dennis Wolf Germany
Rodney St. Cloud USA
Ronny Rockel Germany 160
Mustafa Mohammad Austria
Bill Wilmore USA
David Henry USA