2007 Arnold Classic – Finals (Download)

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A-1209B Digital Download Duration: 92 mins Sample Clip

The complete finals of this fantastic contest – Victor Martinez comes out on top. Includes all posedowns and awards.


2007 Arnold Classic – Finals

For the second year in a row we are proud to offer the complete 2007 Arnold Classic men’s video as a 2-part set. Part 2 gives you the complete finals through to the awards.

90 minutes of hard core mind-bending muscle action. See how Victor Martinez was able to surpass Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman after a titanic battle.

2007 IFBB Arnold Classic Results:

1 Victor Martinez  (Photo Gallery)
2 Dexter Jackson  (Photo Gallery)
3 Toney Freeman  (Photo Gallery)
4 Gustavo Badell  (Photo Gallery)
5 Phil Heath  (Photo Gallery)
6 Silvio Samuel  (Photo Gallery)
7 Branch Warren  (Photo Gallery)
8 Ronny Rockel  (Photo Gallery)
9 Markus Ruhl  (Photo Gallery)
10 Vince Taylor  (Photo Gallery)
11 Mark Dugdale  (Photo Gallery)
12 Marcus Haley
13 Hidetada Yamagishi  (Photo Gallery)
14 David Henry  (Photo Gallery)
15 Sergey Shelestov
16 Luke Wood  (Photo Gallery)