2007 Arnold Classic – Finals (Download)

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A-1209B Digital Download Duration: 92 mins Sample Clip

The complete finals of this fantastic contest – Victor Martinez comes out on top. Includes all posedowns and awards.


2007 Arnold Classic – Finals

For the second year in a row we are proud to offer the complete 2007 Arnold Classic men’s video as a 2-part set. Part 2 gives you the complete finals through to the awards.

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2007 Arnold Classic Pump Room
Victor Martinez
Dexter Jackson
Gustavo Badell
Phil Heath

90 minutes of hard core mind-bending muscle action. See how Victor Martinez was able to surpass Dexter Jackson and Toney Freeman after a titanic battle.

2007 IFBB Arnold Classic Results:
1 Victor Martinez
2 Dexter Jackson
3 Toney Freeman
4 Gustavo Badell
5 Phil Heath
6 Silvio Samuel
7 Branch Warren
8 Ronny Rockel
9 Markus Ruhl
10 Vince Taylor
11 Mark Dugdale
12 Marcus Haley
13 Hidetada Yamagishi
14 David Henry
15 Sergey Shelestov
16 Luke Wood