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2009 NABBA/WFF Mr. Australia – Men: Part 2 (Download)

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GMV-761B  Digital Download  77 mins  Sample Clip

Part 2 includes: NABBA Men Class 2, NABBA Men Class 1, NABBA Masters Men Over 40, NABBA GrandMasters Men Over 50, WFF Mr Athletic Class 3, WFF Mr Athletic Class 2, WFF Mr Athletic Class 1.  A host of bodybuilding identities attended the event including NABBA Universe dual winner John Terilli.


2009 NABBA/WFF Australian Championships – Men: Part 2

The 2009 NABBA & WFF National Championships were held at the South Sydney Junior Leagues Club, N.S.W. on October 11th, 2009. See the best male physiques in Australia at these National Championships for both NABBA and the WFF.

Part 2 includes

NABBA Men Class 2
NABBA Men Class 1
NABBA Masters Men Over 40
NABBA GrandMasters Men Over 50
WFF Mr Athletic Class 3
WFF Mr Athletic Class 2
WFF Mr Athletic Class 1

Teams were selected to compete in the NABBA Universe in England and the WFF Worlds in Germany. Around 100 athletes competed making this the biggest and best Australian & WFF Championships in many years. This massive widescreen presentation brings you the complete MEN’S event including Overall Posedowns and all awards.

A host of bodybuilding identities attended the event including NABBA Universe dual winner John Terilli.    John took to the stage to discuss his life after competitive bodybuilding with MC Nick Jones.  Enjoy the complete MEN’S CONTEST in 170 mins of incredible male bodybuilding action from the best bodybuilders from all of Australia.

Extras:  Photo Gallery


NABBA Men’s Overall: Justin Wessels
WFF Mr Athletic Overall: Kristian Porthill

All photos by Brendan Breen.


WFF Teenage
1 Ben Bergmeir
2 Michael Dorn

NABBA Junior Under 21 yrs
1 Dane Ivicevic
2 Anders Gaurdins

WFF Masters Men Over 35

1 David Mills
2 Michael Wells
3 John Reidy
Andrew Lipke
Michael Pignataro
Ian Reid

WFF Classic Men Over 60
1 Dennis Dye
2 Henry West

WFF Vintage Men Over 80
1 Raymond Moon

NABBA Novice Men
1 Andrew Abela
2 Nick Houllis
3 Peter Ishak
Nick Dyer
Matthew Collins
Jonathan Milne
Terry Gilbert
Craig Cassidy
Joshua Johnson
Douglas Hunt
Hussein Cheikh – Ali

NABBA  Men Class 4
1 Greg Dwyer
2 Andy Scott

NABBA Men Class 3
1 Zane Brophy
2 Jason Bednarz
3 Nick Ranelli
Dylan Smith
Mark Grech

NABBA Men Class 2
1 Justin Wessels
2 Geoff Allan
3 Julian Hamilton
Mark McEntyre
Michael Vecchio

NABBA Men Class 1
1 Mike Nysten
2 Roberto Morando
3 Donny Henderson Smith
Izze Haydar
Donald Kaiwi
Tony Griffin
Tim Roberts
Ignazio Russo

NABBA Masters Men Over 40
1 Robert Reed
2 Denny Singleton

NABBA GrandMasters Men Over 50
1 Wally Mathews
2 Brad McMillan
3 Bruce Jones
Lou Vecchio

WFF Mr Athletic Class 3
1 Stefan Zganjar

WFF Mr Athletic Class 2
1 Matthew Jones
2 Travis Young
3 Rohan Untersteiner
Alex Papangkorarit

WFF Mr Athletic Class 1
1 Kristian Porthill
2 Luke Belcher
3 Takis Venios
Travis Reddington
Luke Diss
Phil Karlhuber
Mark Moon