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2012 NABBA/WFF Australian Championships # 2 Download

2012 NABBA/WFF Austrian Championships # 2 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1506B  Digital Download  Duration:  115 mins  Sample Clip

Held in Wiener Neudorf, Austria, 26th May 2012.  Includes athletes from Austria and the Czech Republic.  All NABBA: Masters’ Over 40 and Men’s Open Classes. Includes Pump Room.

Product Description

2012 NABBA/WFF Austrian Championships – Part 2

Held in Wiener Neudorf , Austria, 26th May 2012.

Includes athletes from Austria and the Czech Republic.  Part 2 is all NABBA Classes: Masters’ Over 40 and Men’s Open Classes, followed by pump room.

Masters Over 40:
1. Walter Lettner
2. Thomas Burianek
3. Ernst Barnet
4. Marko Schröter
5. Karl Luegger

NABBA Men 3/4:
1. Michal Benda (CZE)
2. Reinhold Palatin
3. Michael Schneider

NABBA Men 2:
1. Ondrej Mlaka (CZE)
2. Robert Mayer
3. Robert Kietreiber

NABBA Men 1:
1. Mario Hemmer
2. Philipp Samek
3. Thomas Purkrabek
4. Lukáš Zahálka (CZE)
5. Klaus Drescher

Overall Winner: WALTER LETTNER

Behind the scenes.