Battle for the Olympia 1997: Part 3 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1231C  Digital Download   Duration:  33 mins   Sample Clip

Featuring:  Kevin Levrone (in his best shape ever) – Back; Flex Wheeler – Chest, Posing practice;  Chris Cormier – Legs; and Mike Francois – Chest.



Kevin Levrone Photo Gallery
Chris Cormier Photo Gallery
Flex Wheeler Photo Gallery

The following top professional bodybuilding athletes are featured:

Kevin Levrone : Back,
Flex Wheeler : Chest, Posing practice,
Chris Cormier : Legs,
Mike Francois : Chest.

* Regarding Flex Wheeler: He was taped four days after he got car-jacked and interviewed after Olympia. He speaks out in this video about the incredible incident which made him pull out of the 1997 Olympia contest!! Was this a ruse to cover up some training injuries? You will be a judge. Also includes Kevin Levrone in his best ever shape plus much more!!

All contents are the same as the original VHS video. Colour + B&W.

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