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Battle for the Olympia 2003 # 2 (Download)

AUD $7.50

A-1086B  Digital Download  Duration:  106 mins  Sample Clip

The long-awaited Battle 2003 is now available as a digital download.  Features: Darrem Charles, Art Atwood, Rodney St.Cloud and Ronnie Coleman


2003 Battle for the Olympia Part 2


Darrem Charles – Arms
Art Atwood – Back and Biceps
Rodney St. Cloud – Chest
Ronnie Coleman

See how the stars really work out when getting ready for the greatest show on earth, the Mr. Olympia


1   Ronnie Coleman
2   Jay Cutler
3   Dexter Jackson
4   Dennis James
5   Gunter Schlierkamp
6   Kevin Levrone
7   Darrem Charles
8   Troy Alves
9   Melvin Anthony
10   Ernie Taylor
11   Johnnie Jackson
12   Rodney St Cloud
13   Art Atwood
14   Claude Groulx
15   Lee Priest
16   Jonathon Davie