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Battle – Olympia 2004: Part 2 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1101B  Digital Download  Duration:  118 mins  Sample Clip

The long-awaited Battle 2004 is now available!! Predominantly workout – Part two features Troy Alves, Johnnie Jackson, Ronnie Coleman, Claude Groulx and Darrem Charles.


The Battle for the Olympia 2004   Part 2


Troy Alves
Johnnie Jackson
Ronnie Coleman
Claude Groulx
Darrem Charles

The long-awaited Battle 2004 is now available!!  Predominantly workout.

Mitsuru Okabe produces one of the most powerful and hard core bodybuilding DVDs since 1996.

Mitsuru Okabe, the premier USA videographer, has now released the Battle for the Olympia 2004. This DVD is the ninth in the annual series of pre Olympia prep videos featuring many of the top competitors training for the big show.

Clocking in at a massive seven hours and thirteen minutes on two discs, Battle 2004 is the biggest bodybuilding/training DVD released to date. This mammoth offering has more muscle than ever before, but still at the same price as in previous years.

Part 2

Troy Alves – Shoulders and Biceps 27:05
Johnnie O. Jackson: Back 26:38
Ronnie Coleman: Back and Biceps 21:02
Claude Groulx: Shoulders 25:28
Darrem Charles: Shoulders 17:35

2004 Mr. Olympia Results

1 Ronnie Coleman USA
2 Jay Cutler USA
3 Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico
4 Dexter Jackson USA
5 Markus Ruhl Germany
6 Gunter Schlierkamp Germany
7 Chris Cormier USA
8 Dennis James USA
9 Victor Martinez Dominican Republic
10 Darrem Charles Trinidad
11 Pavol Jablonicky Czech Rep
12 Kris Dim USA
13 Ahmad Haidar Lebanon
14 Johnnie Jackson USA
15 Troy Alves USA
16 Craig Richardson USA
17 Mustafa Mohammad Jordan
18 Richard Jones USA
19 Claude Groulx Canada