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Battle Olympia 2007 Part 2 (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-1259B   Digital Download  Duration:  122 mins  Sample Clip

The much anticipated 2007 BATTLE FOR THE OLYMPIA now released as a digital download.   Part 2 includes Silvio Samuel – Back; Marcus Haley – Back; Ronnie Coleman – Shoulders; Melvin Anthony – Delts; Flex Wheeler Classic – Victor, Dexter, Troy.


The Battle for the OLYMPIA XII / 2007     

The long awaited and much anticipated 2007 BATTLE FOR THE OLYMPIA now released as a Digital Download.

Part 2 includes

Silvio Samuel – Back
Marcus Haley – Back
Ronnie Coleman – Shoulders
Melvin Anthony Jr. – Delts
Flex Wheeler Classic : Victor, Dexter, Troy

2007 Mr. Olympia Results

1  Jay Cutler  USA
2  Victor Martinez  Dominican Republic
3  Dexter Jackson  USA
4  Ronnie Coleman  USA
5  Dennis Wolf  Germany
6  Melvin Anthony  USA
7  Silvio Samuel  Spain
8  Gustavo Badell  Puerto Rico
9  Johnnie Jackson  USA
10  David Henry  USA
11  Ronny Rockel  Germany
12  Darrem Charles  Trinidad
13  Hidetada Yamagishi  Japan
14  Toney Freeman  USA
15  Will Harris  USA
Mark Dugdale  USA
Sergey Shelestov  Russia
Quincy Taylor  USA
Bill Wilmore  USA
Eddie Abbew  United Kingdom
Vince Taylor  USA
Markus Ruhl  Germany
Francisco Bautista  Spain
Marcus Haley  USA