Branch Warren – Unchained # 2 (Download)

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A-1206B  Digital Download  Duration:  99 mins  Sample Clip

Part Two of this awesome video finishes off the workout, and includes:  Shoulders, Back. and Bonus footage : Branch’s just another day cardio and work, Let’s visit Branch’s home, Let’s pose then chat, Training partners.



Part Two of Branch Warren’s Unchained video finishes off his amazing workout and also includes bonus footage of Branch.

Branch’s just another day cardio and work
Let’s visit Branch’s home
Let’s pose then chat
Training partners

Filmed September 4th through 9th 2006. 4 weeks out from the 2006 Mr Olympia.

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This awesome video includes the remainder of Branch’s whole-body workout filmed over five gut wrenching days. Branch requested that 98% of this DVD be Black & White, so that every raw detail of his awesome physique is highlighted.  Bodybuilding’s best seller Dorian Yates – Blood & Guts DVD was the last release in such a manner.

Olympia Contest footage not included.

” A video on Branch Warren was one of the most requested items over the last 12 months. No video was available before now. We are pleased to announce that it is here at last and is well worth the wait. Branch is an absolute inspiration to many people. Taking just one body-part for comment, his legs are simply out of this world. The rest of his physique is not too shabby either! ”

Wayne Gallasch
CEO, GMV Bodybuilding

Parental Advisory:Explicit Content

Branch and his training partners are hardcore and brutal!! A must see DVD!!