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Get Big Get Cut # 1 (Download)

AUD $15.00

A-1375A  Digital Download  Duration:  100 mins  Sample Clip

A  video that brings you Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev packed in 100 minutes of explosive footage and information on how to pack on mass… and then shred it to bits… straight from the champion!


Get Big Get Cut – With Milos Sarcev

A video that brings you Milos “The Mind” Sarcev, in 100 minutes of explosive footage and information on how to pack on mass… and then shred it to bits… straight from the champions!

See 3 hours of explosive muscle-building action in this brand new release! This is a star segment explaining nutritional philosophies, supplement programs, career choices and lots of crucial advice for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders.

The star bodybuilder is MILOS SARCEV training BINAIS BECOVIC.  100 minutes of hard core, high intensity muscle busting action!

This is Milos Sarcev!

Arguably one of the most symmetrical and perfectly proportioned Professional Bodybuilders of all time Milos “The Mind” Sarcev is certainly one of the most controversial!

Sarcev’s passion for bodybuilding started at a young age in then Yugoslavia where his body quickly responded to weight training. He quickly conquered several national competitions and then came to the U.S. to make his mark in 1988. After turning pro Milos Sarcev embarked on one of the most prolific and enduring string of Pro show competitions in history, competing in 73 IFBB Professional bodybuilding competitions!

Despite winning only one Pro show, the 1997 Toronto Pro Invitational, Milos has placed in the top 10 positions of almost all of the comtests he participated in, and was always a crowd pleaser with his elegant and artistic posing routines emphasizing his classic Eruropean lines and signature aesthetics.

Here he trains another remarkably gifted bodybuilder Binais Begovic, who is making waves in Europe with his starring role in Sweden’s Gladiators prime-time hit TV show, and is now ready to take on Hollywood.

Milos Sarcev’s philosophy on training and nutrition are amongst the most unique in the sport today and he is often accused of being a heretic to the standard bodybuilding approach of contest preparation. To many he is a genius!

This DVD is from BodybuildingFlix. Photos by Alex Ardenti.