Get Big Get Cut # 2 (Download)

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A  video that brings you Stan ‘The Man’ McQuay and 6 time Mr Australia Constantinos Demetriou, all packed into explosive footage and information on how to pack on mass… and then shred it to bits… straight from the champions!


Get Big Get Cut

With Milos Sarcev, Con Demetriou & Stan McQuay

A video that brings you Stan “The Man” McQuay and 6 time Mr Australia Constantinos Demetriou,50 minutes of explosive footage and information on how to pack on mass… and then shred it to bits… straight from the champions!

See explosive muscle-building action in this brand new release! This features 2 of the world’s top physique experts narrating their own workouts, explaining their nutritional philosophies, supplement programs, career choices and lots of crucial advice for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders.

This is Stan McQuay!

Born in 1973 in Japan to an Irish father and Japanese mother Stan moved to the U.S. as a young boy.
An accomplished martial artist at an early age Stan started lifting weights in his senior year of high school to get bigger for college football… and he caught the proverbial iron bug!

After gaining 15 pounds in his first year of training Stan never looked back and kept adding quality muscle every year winning his first competition in 1996.   In 2006 he became an IFBB Pro and won his pro debut at the 2009 Dexter Jackson’s Jacksonville Pro Show, as well as taking the 2010 Detroit Pro.

Currently running a highly successful celebrity personal training and nutritional business, Muscle Inc, he is now qualified for the 2012 new 212 lb class at the Mr Olympia competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stan ‘The Man” McQuay is poised and ready to make his mark in pro bodybuilding’s highest arena!
Stan McQuay won the new 212 Class at the Sacramento Pro, November 5th, 2011. See FULL RESULTS here.

This is Constantinos Demetriou also known as Con The Destroyer!

6 time Australian Champion, Con grew up on the family vineyard Down Under where he raised racehorses and worked the land as a youngster.  By the time he was 23 Con had won the Mr Australia contest 4 times and decided to retire from competitive bodybuilding and opened a gym and dance studio in Sydney.

After experiencing many other sports at that time, nothing could replace the passion he once had for bodybuilding. He returned to the weight room and quickly regained his prize winning condition to win the Mr Australia competition another 2 more years and then turned Professional.

He packed on an incredible 100 lbs of pure muscle on his 5′ 9″ frame over the last 5 years and currently weighs in at 265 lbs! With the goal of qualifying for the coveted Mr Olympia competition Constantinos Demetriou continues to add quality beef every year.  He will not stop until he reaches his goal. Walking onstage with a handful of of the world’s best bodybuilders has been Con’s dream since he started bodybuilding at 16.

This video is from BodybuildingFlix. Photos by Alex Ardenti.