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1983 Mr. Olympia Download

Golden Age Of Muscle: 1983 Mr Olympia (Download)

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Mr Olympia 1983 Watch the amazing Samir Bannout take 1st place, beating Mohammad Makkawy, Lee Haney, Frank Zane and many more.

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The Golden Age Of Muscle:  1983 Mr Olympia

Mr Olympia 1983 Watch the amazing Samir Bannout take 1st place, beating Lee Haney, Frank Zane and many more champions.  Hot favourite Lee Haney had to wait a further year until his record breaking reign as Mr. Olympia champion took place.

The 1983 Mr. Olympia was held in Munich, Germany.

Results of the 1983 Mr. Olympia

1  Samir Bannout
2  Mohamed Makkawy
3  Lee Haney
4  Frank Zane
5  Bertil Fox
6  Jusup Wilkosz
7  Albert Beckles
8  Jonny Fuller
9  Hubert Metz
10  Jacques Neuville
11  James Gaubert
12  Dale Ruplinger
13  Gerard Buinoud
14  Ed Corney
15  Lance Dreher


Dear Body Building Friends,

“When I first conceived the ‘Mr Olympia’ contest in 1965 I never dreamed that a few years later so many great bodybuilders would be competing together for that title…”

Sincerely Yours
Joe Weider