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Jose Raymond – Boston Mass!! Part 1 (Download)

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A-1427A  Digital Download  Duration: 105 mins  Sample Clip

Part 1 includes Jose Raymond working out chest and shoulders, plus lifestyle. At 5′ 3″ nobody compares to his density and granite-like conditioning.


Jose Raymond – Boston Mass – Part 1

Part 1: Chest with Flex Lewis, Shoulders, visits restaurant that prepares his food.

Jose Raymond is one of the most massive and dominating 212 competitors to step on the stage.  At 5′ 3″ nobody compares to the density and granite-like conditioning he brings.

Come along as Jose takes you through his prep for the Toronto Pro and unknowingly the New York Pro, BOTH of which he WON!!

This video was filmed three weeks out from the Toronto Pro in his home town of Boston Massachusetts, and brings you into the personal life of Jose.

See the exact workouts he does to bring the winning condition he is known for.

We travel to California to train at the Mecca, Gold’s Gym, Venice, with his brother Tito Raymond.

This video series takes you through EVERY workout, loads of lifestyle footage, and some great footage of Jose out in California training balls out with his brother Tito Raymond.

Guest interviews with famous people like Mike O’Hearn, Charles Glass, Chris Cormier, Will “World” Harris, Chris Bell, and many others.

Our congratulations to Jose who in 2015 won the 212 Class Arnold Classic and was 2nd in the 212 Showdown at the 2015 Mr Olympia event.