Lance Dreher: Mr. Universe (Download)

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Lance Dreher – 1981 IFBB Mr. Universe & 1986 NABBA Professional Mr Universe – Straight from the Archives of GMV Productions.


Lance Dreher – 1981 IFBB Mr. Universe & 1986 NABBA Professional Mr Universe

Straight from the Archives of GMV Productions.

Lance Dreher is one of the most genuinely likeable bodybuilders we have ever worked with. He’s a great guy – and his physique isn’t half bad either!! The DVD starts with Lance in jeans and no shirt, with him pumping up from all angles, showing off his sensational arms, chest and back. Then in trunks he continues superb pumping-up and concentrated flex pump scenes.


Then Lance poses in full-body and body part closeups… awesome muscle mass and size. Finally he shows off those ‘outta sight’ 21″ arms and mighty chest in very close, intensely powerful scenes.

Lance is justly renowned for those massive, perfectly formed biceps. His height is 5’8″

We have also included some footage of Lance at his all-time peak, guest posing and speaking at a 1985 show in Australia… ripped to shreds.  And there’s a short segment of Lance winning the 1986 NABBA Professional Universe title.

Cover and Gallery photos all by Wayne Gallasch, copyright GMV Productions.

Lance Dreher Contest History
Lance Dreher is a two time Mr. Universe and former Mr. America. Lance was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 27, 1955. Dreher has placed in the top 3 of 10 professional body building championships. In 1981, Lance was the Overall Winner at the IFBB World Amateur Championships in Egypt.

Possibly his greatest victory was in the 1986 NABBA Pro Universe where he defeated a star studded field.
One of Lance’s most outstanding body building features is his 21-inch biceps. After his last competition in 1992, Lance completed his PhD in Physical Therapy and is a certified life coach.

Contest History

1974:  AAU Teen Mr America, 4th

1976:  AAU Collegiate Mr America, Winner

1977:  AAU Mr America, Medium, 9th

1980:  AAU Mr America, HeavyWeight, 3rd

AAU Mr America, HeavyWeight, 1st
NPC Gold’s Classic, HeavyWeight, 3rd
IFBB World Amateur Championships, Overall Winner
IFBB World Amateur Championships, HeavyWeight, 1st

1982:  IFBB Mr Olympia, 15th

1983:  IFBB Mr Olympia, 15th

NABBA Pro Universe, 3rd
WABBA World Championships, Professional, 3rd

NABBA Pro Universe, 3rd
WABBA Pro World Championships, 5th

1986:  NABBA Pro Universe, Winner

1988:  IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational, 6th

1989:  IFBB Arnold Classic, 9th

1991:  IFBB Musclefest Grand Prix, 15th

1992:  IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational, 19th