Mark Dugdale – Legacy: Part 1 (Download)

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A-1374A  Digital Download  Duration: 144 mins  Sample Clip

Main Legacy documentary:  This insightful story features:  Phil Heath, Branch Warren, Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Evan Centopani, Mike O’Hearn, Bev Francis, Steve Weinberger, Tom Prince, John Burkholder, Kris Gethin, Ric Drasin, and Joe Weider.


Mark Dugdale – Legacy: Part 1

In this documentary, Mark Dugdale crisscrosses USA to discuss LEGACY and gain wisdom from the perspective of top bodybuilders, and fitness industry professionals…. pumping iron along the way. This is Mark’s 5th video production.

Workouts as follows:

Legs – Evan and Mark
Arms – Christina and Mark
Back & Arms – Kris & Mark
Legs – Mike & Mark
Chest, Back and Arms – Phil & Mark
Back – Victor & Mark
Legs – Kris & Mark
Shoulders – Kris, Branch & Mark
Full Body Circuit – Mark


Wayne,   March 21, 2012

I just finished watching Legacy. This has to be the BEST DVD I have ever seen!

Greg Capace


Review courtesy Iron Man magazine.

“Legacy” produced by Mark Dugdale is probably the most unique bodybuilding DVD ever released.  Mixing training beliefs with gym action, the DVD explores how you live your life and how you treat and interact with others during your life determines one’s legacy.  As well as Dugdale, other notables appearing in the DVD include Phil Heath, Branch Warren, Tom Prince, Mike O’Hearn, Evan Centopani, Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Steve Weinberger, Bev Francis and even Joe Weider.

Expertly filmed and edited by Joel Barham, this isn’t just another bodybuilding DVD.  It uses bodybuilding as a backdrop to probe into deeper areas and, in my opinion, it’s a documentary that would be enjoyed and appreciated by a mainstream audience.