Men of Muscle # 6: Born to Pose (Download)

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GMV-554  Digital Download  Duration:  90 mins  Sample Clip

Enjoy the classic work from these masters of the bodybuilding posing platform as they elevate the art of physique display to new levels.


Men of Muscle # 6 – Born to Pose

Can you imagine a video with a collection of some of the best physiques and best posing routines we have ever seen??  Well, this is it!!  We have researched our video archives from the last 4 years in putting together this super posing tape. It contains some segments which have never been seen before.

Do not try to copy many of these routines as they may be injurious to your health!  Enjoy the classic work from the following list of masters of the posing platform as they elevate the art of physique display to new levels.  Also includes some brief oiling, pumping and workout segments.

A detailed review of this video.

Stars Featuring in this video:

Ernie Taylor (Photo Gallery)
Gunter Schlierkamp (Photo Gallery)
Chris Cormier (Photo Gallery)
Kamal Elgargni (2023 Masters Olympia winner and 2019 Olympia 212 Class winner (Photo Gallery)
Stefan Havlik (winner of the 2012 Arnold Classic Amateur)
King Kamali (Photo Gallery)
Craig Titus (Photo Gallery)
Melvin Anthony (Photo Gallery)
Luiz Dejesus
Mario Rieger
Ahmad Haidar (Photo Gallery)
Jay Cutler  (Photo Gallery)
Dexter Jackson (Photo Gallery)
Darrem Charles
Sam the Man
Flavio Baccianini
Chris Cook
Fabio des Santos
Luke Wood
Markus Ruhl (Photo Gallery)
Tommi Thorvildsen
Craig Titus v King Kamali in the ultimate posedown.