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Men of Muscle # 9 – Part 1 (Download)

AUD $10.00

GMV-811A  Digital Download  Duration:  90 mins  Sample Clip

Part 1 featuring Roelly Winklaar, Denis Sergovskiy and Lucky Hatzipantelis:  The various exciting segments consist of workout, posing, informal scenes and interviews. This is one giant video of male muscle!


Men of Muscle # 9 – Part 1

See DENIS SERGOVSKIY go through his workout at Gold’s Gym in Las Vegas with video training partner VIOREL MARASIOU. Plus solo and duo posing routines at the end of their workout.

Denis Sergovskiy Photo Gallery

The scene then shifts to a photo shoot with DENIS SERGOVSKIY at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas. We received some amazing video and photos of this shoot. (See bottom left photo on rear cover). This video footage and photos by special permission from the Richard Rossan collection.

Informal “news type footage” in Tony Doherty’s Gym – the day after the 2010 Australian Grand Prix:

ROELLY WINKLAAR pumps and poses for a photo shoot. (Photo right with thanks to AMPT IMAGING)
LUCKY HATZIPANTELIS pumps and poses, both for photo shoots but also for our GMV cameras. He won the amateur contest the day before.


This is a fantastic composite collection of some of the very best  “men of muscle”  that  we have shot on video over the last 12 to 18 months. All brand new footage.