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Michael Melksham - Junior Mr. Universe

Michael Melksham – Junior Mr. Universe (Digital Download)

AUD $10.00

GMV-253  Digital Download
Duration:  60 mins

“They don’t call this young man “Granite Abs” for nothing.” Michael Melksham is one of Australia’s brightest young stars. After winning the Junior Mr. Universe at his first attempt, he subsequently became a successful gym owner, and appeared as macho “Taipan” in the Australian Gladiators. In this video feature we show Michael pumping and posing in our London Studio on the day after he won the Universe title. He is ripped, rock hard and hits dynamic poses in extreme closeup for our camera.

Product Description

At a height of 183 cm (6’) and 106 kg (233 lbs) he is a very imposing young physique star. See Michael pump and pose for our cameras in the studio in an intense session.

Contest highlights are included as he wins the Junior Mr. Australia and then goes on to win the Junior Universe and finally to the World Championships in Spain.

The DVD is up close, live and sweaty!!