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Mohamed Makkawy in Seminar (Download)

AUD $10.00

V-034  Digital Download   Duration:  60 mins   Sample Clip

In this seminar, Makkawy shares his secrets about dieting, supplements, motivation, how to pose and select the best music, contest prep and much more.


The Mohamed Makkawy seminar plus posing.

Great information on diet and training.

Mohammad Makkawy Photo Gallery

Here is another gem from the Magic Egyptian which can now be enjoyed on video.
In this seminar, Makkawy not only shares his secrets about dieting, but also supplements,  and motivation.  He talks about  the importance of posing and the correct selection of music, contest prep and much more.

He ends with questions from the audience and then presents a superlative posing routine. This is the routine which helped him place second at the 1984 Mr. Olympia.