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Masters of Muscle # 1 download

Masters of Muscle # 1 (Download)

AUD $10.00

GMV-395  Digital Download  Duration: 95 mins Sample Clip

This DVD is #1 in a series on THE SUPERSTARS OF WORLD BODYBUILDING, starting from the mid 80s and running up to the present time in later editions.

Product Description

MASTERS OF MUSCLE #1: The Superstars of World Bodybuilding

The 1980s – The Best Men from FIBO.

This DVD is #1 in our legends series on THE SUPERSTARS OF WORLD BODYBUILDING, starting from the mid 80s and running up to the present time in later editions. See these 50 amazing stars in various guest posing routines. These guys are the very best of the best from the Golden Years of bodybuilding.



To help illustrate the great diversity of the DVD, we made a separate PHOTO GALLERY PAGE, with many of the stars pictured.

Here is the list of champions which includes many Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe competitors.

Tom Platz
Bertil Fox
Berry de Mey
Shawn Ray
Rich Gaspari
Robbie Robinson
Achim Albrecht
Tony Pearson
Andreas Munzer
Mike Ashley
Bob Paris
Jusup Wilcosz
Ed Kawak
Samir Bannout
Gary Strydom
Pavol Jablonicky
Charles Glass
Mike Quinn
Mike Ashley
Russ Testo
John Brown
Rick Valente
Phil Hill
Peter Hensel
Thomas Scheu
Brian Buchanan
Paul Jean-Guillaume
Ronald Matz
Bill Richardson
Gunther Kohout
Hermann Hoffend
Ralf Moeller
Frank Hillebrand
Norbert Hullen
Eddy Dannapfel
Reinhard Maier
Alfred Krautgartner
Geir Borgan Paulsen
Helmut Terk
Harry Derglin
Roman Knetsch
Toni Schmitter
Rob Dussen
Johann Schatz
Harald Tomaschitz
Glen Gravenbeek
Peter Vollberger
Jean Favre
Philippe Aglietta

DVD Cover Photos by Wayne & Tina Gallasch & Clive Jaques.